• Meg

Three Part Approach to Health

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

My personal health philosophy revolves around serving the individual with a combination of food based dietary support and stress reductive practices to encourage a deep connection to self. I understands the multilayered emotions related to diet and prioritize creating a safe space for clients to explore their individual needs in order to facilitate true and lasting health.

Every body is unique and requires different nutrients at different stages of life.

Honor the needs of your body without shame in order to feel your best. Identifying nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities can significantly reduce or eliminate a variety of symptoms from digestive dysfunction to PMS symptoms, fatigue and irritability. Imagine waking up rested, feeling satisfied after meals, loving everything you put in your body and experiencing deep gratitude for your shape - and it will be!

The mind has the ability to hinder or to heal. Make friends with your thoughts and do away with limiting beliefs.

The mind is powerful as are the effects of stress. Learning relaxation techniques and becoming aware of stress triggers can help to identify negative self-talk and sabotaging behaviors. Doing away with emotional blockages creates space to move forward and achieve personal goals.

Reconnect with your highest self and live the life you were intended to.

Each one of us was born with an extraordinary set of gifts that so often go unrecognized when confronted by doubt, shame or fear. Feed your spirt and set yourself free by discovering tools to create a life of joy and ease - it’s your birthright!

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